In mi casa there are many countries


lookout mountain lover’s leap
the boardwalk in atlantic city
kansas city heartshine boy
way down in ma’souri
enchantment land and
old mexico
these countries, and more
the many friendly invites
across many great waters
gifting me with
little pieces of other countries

pray with me now in my hour of need
in the hour of our need
in the land of new seed
nor will i speak of hardness
we all/ya all’ve
heard it anew and anew

“what the world needs now…”

in this 100th year celebration of state hood
new mexico style we do here declare
the truth behind the Kneeling Nun
turned to stone
it is not she, not she, we cry
it is her mother superior
if not stone,
at least

deny not i
the human blood
spilled upon all land
ergo consecrating it holy
i do i
thank and praise
all the walking wounded
that have brought us thus far
to the door of peace

got sesame seeds?