Insane Military Personnel

Maj. Andrew Efaw, a judge advocate general,”….commanders don’t
want to send mentally ill soldiers into combat. But on the other hand,
the commander doesn’t want to send a message to his troops
that if you act up, he’s willing to send you home.”

Translation 1: Our trained medical military professionals
are unable to diagnose the difference between
mental illness and “acting up”.

Army Pfc. David I. Potter, 23, of Johnson City, Tennessee
diagnosed with anxiety and depression while serving in Iraq
in 2004, remained despite suicide attempt, 10 days later he
slid a gun from under another soldier’s bed and shot himself.

Record: 22 of suicides in Ira1 in 2005

Translation 2: How many Clingers
can one man’s army contain?

Solution: I’ve always been crazy,
but it keeps me from going insane!