Israel and Collective Punishment

remember grade school teacher hit
in the back of the head with a paper airplane
and not one student would rat on another
so the entire class was collectively punished?

in the Dog Days of Summer is it
ok to make war on the Sabbath?
authoritarian monotheists do do do

i remember you you you
couldn’t keep hands off
my stars stars stars

why is it easier for a boy
to masturbate than a girl?
genitalia is hand ier?

every thing tasty is fattening?
every human delight is sinful?
wine sex movies music rock and roll
authoritarian monotheists got us by the tail
least they lose control over we
the people with one last Baa
sheep to the slaughter with woolly eyes

the 6 year old who met The Little Prince
instantly became a better artists
by drawing a recognizable elephant
when his picture of a boa constrictor
swallowing an elephant was seen
by others as only a fearless old hat

my son-in-law declares
“I don’t know why I flew off my hat,
or why she shouted so.” Perhaps
it was not the subject stated
that gave voice to two equally
overreactions. (psych 103)

Is collective punishment overreacting?