i’ve always been crazy but it keeps me from going insane

Bush: We will succeed in Iraq because we have to.

Michael Graham: The Rolling Stones are so normal.

Imus: Do you really believe he snorted his dad,
Keith said it was just a joke?

Michael Graham: Who knows if he did,
he’s crazy enough to do it.

Reporter: In other words, normal is crazy?
If Senator Reid represents the democratic majority
why is he not a candidate for presidency?

Tell me how does it feel Imus
to watch a comedian eat himself to death
in front of your eyes – your mouth
cursing your workers for bringing the food
“out of sight out of mind”

well i’m sitting here out of sight
smoking tobacco next to my oxygen tank
but here is my mind
when adults’ actions are crazy
and they call it normal
they’re driving our kids nuts!
well not really
they are no different than the the flower children of the ’60’s
and their protesting the Vietnam War
and in the strongest voice they could muster
“We are NOTHING like them!”

Hang on Super Mustard Man
you are not alone.