Jamal Had His Judas Too

And when his Judas tried to confess
that stellar Philadelphia Police force
who had been charged 23 times with extracting false confessions
suppressed the confession.

Want July 13th, 2004 police brutality facts?
“Carjacker Thomas face down on the ground
20 cops punched & kicked him 59 times.
Between ’94 and ’00 Philly’s finest killed
5 unarmed men (one named Moises De Jesus).
Mayor Timoney promises justice but like Jamal,
both were black.”

Mumia Abu-Jamal
speaks of the sonic sound of silence
“I weep, cry, hurt – just like any man.”
Mumia lives, seeing the world only thru Plexiglas
unable to even touch another human and reports
“After too many years of isolation, the spirit dies
long before the body.”

Did Jamal confess? No.
Has he lost hope for justice? No.
“I have no choice but to believe in American justice.”

Abu-Jamal now has a radio show:
Who will listen?