John Aschroft On The Daily Show?

John Ashcroft “Never Again”
but he did lie. Ask Mel Carnaham
if Ashcroft won by popular vote.

He tells Jon Stewart
“Come to Missouri,
you’ll think it is heaven.”
You’ll know it isn’t
when you visit the East side,
I say.

But that’s they way it is
when you’re born again Evangelican,
where evil is good and the sin of omission,
is not a sin, as in
Evangelicals believe the Jews, in the end,
will accept Jesus as the true Messiah,
the secret mission of God’s Learning Channel,
like all true believers renounce sexuality,
and pray their closet door will never be opened…
p.s. “Open Sesame” worked!

Be that as it may…
As a matter of fact…

Bush says “Stay the course.”
Bush says “It’s never been about staying the course.”