John Roberts – mama calling…

United we stand divided we fall
and who is the greatest divider of all?

John Roberts “I am not an ideologue.”
Call this statement what it is – a preemptive strike.
What ideologue ever believed themselves to be one?

We know what John Roberts is
he is for torture
he is for imprisoning a US citizen without due process
and proved it in his current job in the Padilla case
who still languishes in jail without being charged with a crime.
he believes Rov vs Wade was wrongly decided
he IS a Bork Federalist

he is a brilliant blue eyed lawyer in the extreme
doublespeaking lying eyes and his apologists
do not want him to revel his heart
and want his agagonists to simply decide
on the roll of the dice
meaning it’s ok for John Roberts to filibuster
with his no answers to questions
but lo unto those statesman who would filibuster him
they will be shouted down and demonized
demanding a mere majority
where once it took 100% of the Senate to confirm
a Supreme Court Judge to the court
how soon, oh lawdy, until the Supreme Power of the Judicial
becomes nominated and confirmed by the Supreme Power
being transfered to one Almighty President
the conjugal wedding of Almighty God with Almighty Dollar.