Key Israeli Parliamentarian: Egypt Enables Hamas to Train in Iran

If only Israel had not destroyed the SS Liberty
If only Israel had not acquired nuclear weapons
If only George Bush hadn’t lied to get US into war with Iraq
Or Sharon had not continued to build illegal settlements
Then the world and we the people
would not hear the cry of wolf
of course
both sides have committed wrong doings
have caused deaths of beloved ones
on BOTH sides
60 years of blood and tears where will it end
how how how
when when when
God knows both sides want peace
both sides are angry
WW I caused 10 million death
WW II caused 62 million death
do we really want WW III?
when Israel admits mistakes
when Palestine admits mistakes
yes…we’ve heard
Palestine wants to erase Israel off the map
and yes, THEY believe
Israel wants to destroy Palestine
how and when will it end?
“I’ll stop when you stop!”
that won’t get the trains running
on time or otherwise
In our mothers eyes are great lakes of tears.
In our fathers eyes are great slices of pain.
Lakes of tears, slices of pain
fill our “enemies” eyes
every much as in our own.
The centuries old dream of world peace
is not exclusive to any culture or history.
We have spent centuries rationalizing
our OWN righteousness
bringing us today with the capicity
to destroying this entire planet
and all that lives upon it
Want Peace?
Make Peace(.)