Martin Peretz quotes Supporting John Bolton

“When I was a child, liberal Democrats saw the filibuster
as antidemocratic and reactionary.”

(When I was a child, Americans learned the high value of a
filibuster from the movie “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”)

“But the fact is that Moynihan and Bolton were cut
from the same cloth….”

(But Bolton is no Moynihan – Moynihan warned us of the impact
government secrecy while Bolton was up to his eyeballs in
the Iran/Contra secret weapons/drug deals….59 former
American diplomats sent Lugar a letter…saying that Bolton
had “an ‘exceptional record’ of opposing U.S. efforts to improve
national security through arms control.”)

“When there is a crisis, the U.N. apparatus is mobilized to pass a
resolution….almost the be-all and end-all of the United Nations.”

(But when it comes to U.N. resolutions Bolton and Peretz pick and
choose WHICH resolutions they want enforced – none when it comes
to sanctions against Israel…for starters).

“Alas, Bolton was one of James Baker’s gang who went to Florida to
snatch the state’s electoral votes from Al Gore. I personally resent
those who engaged in that venture.”

(But Peretz does not vomit over the number of tortured and killed
during Reagan’s secret support for the Sandinistas…and exactly
why he is opposed today.)