My Father Who Art In Heaven


did you get a plenary indulgence
for every house you built
for your growing family
who’s final number was nine?

)one for the house you built and lost
during the first Great Depression
)one for the chicken coop
you made into a home
)one for the chicken coop / garage
as number of babies grew
)one for the two story
when we reached the final number nine

ok she knocked two off
for bad behavior
he knocked off one
for good measure
now there is one
plenary indulgence
if Heaven is True

and yeah, i remember the rules
one plenary indulgence
is insurance into heaven
and yeah, i remember Catholic teachings
of … sure … you can buy a
plenary indulgence
with a little hard cash please

“the yellow green of springtime
promises potential
where the dead horse lay”

no i would not judge what’s your song
mother and father’s intention
is only a heart beat away