My Jake Poem


i wondered today thru the poems, Jake,
the ones i published, hard copy,
mine — and others

not gonna speak here
about your poems
or the one that found me you

my meandering didn’t start at the beginning
of publishing, i’ve wondered there quite often,
perhaps i will again, but not now

quite near the beginning, mid ’90’s
where my little ezine was born
i found interest of note,
and others,
seventeen years post publishing,
clear as bell ringing
those that touched my heart again,
those remembered with hurt
i passed on by
passed by also
with neither

about one hour sufficed
to pause, to ponder,
to remember
my jake and all his facets
most important to me now

this day when i measured my life
as seventeen years a nurse
as twenty-four into poetics

bringing me around to Jake
my longest lasting understander
who never needed to ask me
for whom i write

tonight, my Jake,
i write for thee