Pen Chant response to Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

the first temptation is little
yer a good ol’ cowboy
all you hafta do to stay out of Vietnam
is become a fly boy
Son you’re so special head on down to Atlanta
and take the helm of a fighter jet
Mock I is guaranteed to scar the shit out of a home boy
“You can either go to jail for missing guard duity or
become a Governor of the great state of Texas”

Governor Bush, prince in waiting,
followed the directions of The Great Persuader
now Texas is in the state our Molly Ivins decries.

The stage is set, our once innocent cowboy
now is given the temptation to be the king of the hill
he can become “The most powerful ruler in the world.”
All he has to do is let Cheney pull the strings
Now cowboys have a way of slicing thru the bull
Cowboy George still could see
we saw him look and feel the Twin Towers disaster
and he spoke to we the people sincerely
and promised to get his man “Dead or Alive”
But was turned aside by the power brokers that brought him here
he followed, he saw, he heard
today his popularity dropped to 34% in spite of the advice he receives
down from high 60’s or 70’s

has it happened yet – i think yes
in comes the Jackal and gives Cowboy George the choice
“In this pocket is the key to all the riches in the world
In the other pocket is a gun.
If you don’t choose the riches, you choose death.

Now the cowboy loves his children, and maybe loves his wife,
but he sure likes livin’ (even if not Mock I)
Who has there been to vote for since John Fitzgerald Kennedy?
nobody – now surely
George Bush growing up in Midland and Huston
studied history at Yale, graduating in 1968,
learned of the assassination of JFK
and the controversy still alive in 2006

Mr. President can follow orders
but Cowboy George was country too
before country was born

The Master Manipulators Grand plans
crumble beneath their feet
the nature of the beast exposed
and all the world is watching

Beautiful America is what we have
if we can restore her wings they broke
yes storm clouds brew on the horizon
one we recognize
paranoia is contagious only if it is true
past abuses of presidential powers we know
we were fooled once, shame on them
If we are fooled in 2006
or whenever it is “they” figure Bush a liability
will we be fooled again?
Shame on us if we are.

Speak to us Cowboy John Wayne Bush fan,
watch your popularity rise to the highest ever
for a sitting president.

If you try we will remember, always.