Pick A Side : Win By A Nose


global warming
bankrupt morality
Big Gods don’t cry
cries of shame
cries of grief
sexual orientation
right to life
right to death
does The Hen
protect fertilized eggs?
do people eat fertilized eggs?
are they healthier when they do?
Was the first fight (Esau) for Birth Rights?
Don’t make the last fight for Women’s Rights!
Chicken Littles don’t fall down
people do
pick a nose : win by a side
brutal sports feed our killer instinct
whether a child with a gun or
a real estate investor
“Do you really believe;
if Corporations didn’t believe,
they would throw their dollars
down that cesspool of violence
with TV advertising?”
Let them live in fear
when they build unions
find the most corruptible charismatic
(the Trojan Horse)
insert this dark light into unions
and cause their downfall
jail the corrupt union boss
The People/Workers
lacking a leader
are easily divided
which way are you going honey
“I’m goin’ home…
goin’ ho-oh-om.
Jus’ kidding.
“I’m goin’ to the White House
the Dark White House.”