Reagan’s Diary

of course the pages dealing with the Middle East
were redacted from the public
means Reagan’s Middle East secrets are still for security
which allows that there has been Middle East secrets since then
oh yeah
when US taxpayers dollars go into the Reagan Library
we will never get our monies worth until
the secret Ronald Reagan
is fully revealed thru his personal non-redacted diary

while up let’s go for Bush II’s library
if it does not contain the fact that he is a stripper
it will be not worthy
he stripped the light from the torch of Lady Liberty
he stripped the blindfold out of “Justice is blind”
he stripped one million+ voters of their voting rights
oh yeah
that’s what got us to here…

our burning Bush goes on killing killing
until he replaces Saddam with a willing Puppet
the will of the people scream louder
but not to hope
we have already been warned
“I’ll go on killing if only Laura and my dog believe in my cause.”
anybody counting
how many of his VERY OWN selected staff he has axed?
no need to count the axed staff as whistleblowers
when a whore accepts money for his actions
the only haggle left is the price
of selling one’s soul
to a burning up Bush.

did young man George go “Oh shit!”
when he reached mock speed
or did he shit and go “Never again!”
and that’s why the National Guard could not find him?

angry? afraid? happy? fulfilled? or acting?