Reagan’s Star Wars Alive and Growing

name keeps changing but not
the goal to militarize space remains
take New Mexico (they did)
surprise! A corporation: Virgin Galactic
“50,000 people to fly
seat price $200,000 per ride”
Advertise one happy customer
70% of 8th graders can’t do 8th grade math

“Experts predict that thousands of jobs and
hundreds of millions of $’s of private investment
will be created in the next 20 years.”

Ask Alaskans there experience:

“In April 2001, it was finally admitted; only 1 or 2 maintenance
jobs for Kodiak residents would be produced at the site.”

and “…each rocket releases 11.5 tons of hydrochloric acid
which also destroys ozone”
(read – Planet Earth: the Latest Weapon of War)

“It is also in Alaska that the US plans to break the Anti-Ballistic
Missile Treaty with Russia, made in 1972.”

(full story:

It’s called the Military/Industrial Complex honey
or Fascist State – Mussolini called it
or when the Pentagon helps finance corporations
like Virgin galactic
it is not what the High Rollers led us to fear –
the wedding of State and Religion
(though that is fearful enough)
while we the people argue over abortion and gay rights
the High Rollers belly laugh all the way to their High Rises
including stockholders of Lockheed Martin, Haliburton
et all weapons manufactures
This time set for a perpetual “Cold War”.
Ever seen a row of Dominoes fall down?
It begins with we the people
taking back our Beautiful America
politicians telling us what they can do for US
Let them listen to US tell them what we want.

In the beginning it was
“Owe my soul to the company store.”
In new Mexico it is becoming
“Owe our state to the company store.”
In the US of A, without the help of
we the people, we shall become
“Owe our homeland to the company store.”

Today, 50% of American workers tax dollars pay for
current and past military spending. When it reaches
80%, High Rollers will control 100% of our privacy rights.

Nothing to hide and you don’t care?
It was not the Jews, Hitler first led away,
it was the dissenters.