religious hooks that last a lifetime


even after 40 years of rejecting
Mr. Pope et al black lies they create
with black magic via
incense, candles, bells, mantras
those they lose in the daytime
are visited in their dreams…

dreams become nightmares
my own was visited by
extreme emergency:
hundreds of babies were dying
quickly i bundled them
(not time to sort the live from dead)
took them to a safe place
time being the essence
they were fastly sorted

i told a found helper
to order hundreds of binkies
took the first viable one i found
to a safe place
gave the precious a binkie
and returned to sort out the rest
the rest were in little packages
not quite humanoid
most not viable, some maybe
not having the skills to know
they were handed to those that do
and i walked away hoping
they would euthanize the not viable
not knowing, the same as
if a nonviable fetus feels pain

and i awoke
of the brainless emotional imbeciles
who want control of women’s choices
at Mr. Pope et al black lies they create

you can tell me my dreams are my dreams
and there’s no such thing as black magic
at least
and after all these years
the incense, candles, bells, and mantras
are mine
with my own intentions
of focus
in my own spiritual awareness

you can tell me my dreams are my dreams
and it would behoove me
to focus
before i lay my head a’bed