Shame Shame Bob Schieffer!

While it is true that
Columbia University’s President Lee C. Bollinger
was “brutally honest,”
it is also true that
Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
was also “brutally honest”.
The first shame, Bob,
was the sin of omission.
The second shame, Robert,
was the snide remark you made
following Bill Richardson’s comments,
“Next we will have a real expert.”
Did he think he could erase from his viewers memory
the only reasonable/logical answer to the quagmire in Iraq,
the TOTAL removal of ALL our troops
now that we know the REAL reason neo-cons
invaded Iraq – the plan for a permanent military base?
Not all Con Artists are neo
some are as old as Schieffer
(grey hair is not always a sign of wisdom
even as a tie is no proof of a soul)