“Shut the crap up.”

3 p.m. in Georgia, hot and humid
3 a.m. in Nuevo Mexico
i set my coffee down, leave the room
when my most available friend cries
“it’s spilled all over the place!”
it ran down the rocker turning red
more innocent blood
another crazed working mother
Congress spends another $460 billion
for Pentagonal warfare
and momma works double time
while down in the deep south
Christians chant to her ovaries
“be all you can be”
two more little lights go out in Georgia
one more momma crazed
(but don’t move to Baltimore
their babies are coming out with asthma)
pausing, i light two candles,
pausing again i light a third
for the momma who can’t imagine life
waking up this morning
with two dead children there oughta be
a hush all over America
and coffee spilled
black like oil.