Surge Protection From 3 House Representatives

New Mexico Rep. Steve Pierce, oh Rep of mine…

Show me a picture of a Vietnam Soldier that was spit on.
Then let me lead you away from the Barbary Coast in 1786…
Your delusional leader Bush tells us for “stay the course”
thru these last four years of war and now Mr. Pierce
would dis the Dems for what he now calls “staying the course”
but and yes thank you Mr. Pierce
for calling on the Dems
to stand up for what they believe, saying
“Follow your conviction, top the war,
you have the power and can do it now.”

We understand dear Pierce
why you wanted the Dems to be distracted
with a fight over the appointment of General Petrias
Didn’t happen, and how does Mr. Talking Point Hoekstra
spin that? “The Dems are talking out of both sides of their mouth,
voting for General Petrais, who supports the surge while
passing a resolution against the surge.”
Sorry Sorry Pierce – we the people against this war
will not let our elected representatives be deterred.

The warhawk Reps, like Session, are howling
“House Resolution 63 will embolden the terrorists.”
How much bolder can a terrorists get
then making a bomb out of their own bodies?

But it is Pierce that is afire with fear (counting on fear as a contagion)
“This is a world wide war on radical Islam.”

First it was a war for WMD’s
Then a war to topple Saddam
Then bring democracy to the middle-east
Now is is a war on radical Islam

What the hell are we fighting for?

Rep. Heather Wilson, also of New Mexico states
“It is not vital to American interest to stop all violence in Iraq.”

Does that give us the answer of why we went to Iraq?
If we did not go to Iraq to stay why did we only send enough troops
to maintain a permanent presence and
build permanent military bases there?