This Rabbit Wants Proof by Daisy Dormouse


No proof
No proof
Said the white rabbit
But the king and queen
Don’t need a trial
They just need
The jury to
Believe in
Fog, and smoke
Send out that smoke
Smoke machines, little grenades
On the six o’clock news
Launched over a decade
Decade of words
It must be true
If everybody says so
Everybody said so
For ten long years
Talk, as always,
Costing only
The ad time
For pharmaceuticals

We cannot have a trial
If there’s no proof
explained the king
He might be found
Not guilty
Unpatriotic thought
To find our chosen enemy
Our scapegoat
People want revenge
The people might
The king said carefully
Lose their faith in us.

Faith, the hideout for
Lies and fraud
Not seeing that the roses
Have been painted red
No need for trials
And juries, anymore
Just the faith
No need for logic

A dead enemy
Can’t defend himself
One-sided conversations
Don’t arrive at
But truth, like logic
Doesn’t seem to matter
To the crowds who
Dance with such abandon

The smoke’s enough
To make us throw away
Our trials and juries
Put aside our logic
Put those brain cells
In the closet
And celebrate
A meaningless
And maybe false