truly dear


yes my dear there is nothing to say
all the toys broken the children have run
we took the carrot and broke the stick
it’s ok the flowers didn’t come
the offer gets us thru another day
honk yer horn if you see Jesus

you’re kidding i say
i see him every day
see those baggy pants and raggedy shoes?
by the hundreds, by the thousands
they came
and they follow him still

what’s your trouble old lady old man
there were no good old days
there’s only tomorrow and tomorrow
nobody stays forever – ask
the little boy dead in his mother’s arms
when tomorrow is

off i am to pillow my head now
and pray it goes to sleep
could you sing me a lullaby?

hush little momma don’t you cry
when you wake we’ll bake a cake
Danny boy’s comin’ home
with the morning sun