Truthiness, That’s the Word

C-SPAN caller:

“The people that are against the war
want something for nothing…they want
the money spent on war to be spent on them.”

Begging the questions:
Who are the greatest abusers of “something for nothing”,
Ken Lay or my friend on food stamps?
(btw – why did Ken Lay have to die?)

Caller #2
married 22 years:
“The wife says choose: Rush Limbaugh or me.
I’m not going to live in a police state. I
choose Rush Limbaugh.”

You mean that Limbaugh who confessed
to being “their” watering boy?
The man who prefers “cut and run” to “retreat and regroup”?
The Rush that imports prescription drugs,
a republican made, illegal act, or
the Limb augh
addicted to prescription drugs, advocating
jail for his fellow drug abusers.

Caller #3
“No one knows how much money is spent on defense
at any given time.”
If the money was low wouldn’t they want us to know
what a bargain we get?

Einstein – “If there is a 3rd World War
the 4th will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Truthiness is just a word we needed,
created by a brave word warrior,
Stephen Colbert,
to fight word crafter spinners,
circa 1984.

And blessed be the creator, Lisa Jensen,
of a Christmas Peace Symbol Wreath.
If the world broke out Christmas morning
full of these new wreaths,
would Peace break out all over?