Twixt Calgary and Vancouver

twist C and V there sits
proverbial tar pits

in Calgary resides a mayor
proving pluralism really works
with it there is nothing you can’t do

in Vancouver resides artists
#1 film making paraphernalia
nothing they’ve found yet they can’t do

oil monger’s profits heading skyward
gas guzzler’s costs per gal. going down
a little

in this Economic Spring
how do i explain to my great grandchildren
)Arab Spring
)fully one half of the worlds drinking water is not save
or that 70% of the wells the US built are not save
or that we became the culture of bottled water
bottled in plastic made from oil

all i can say is we had our heroes
the newest one i’ve just learned about
a man, a mayor of Calgary
who figured out
his city of we the people contained
many bright intelligent people
so he connected
of course
via the internet

thanks and praises Honorable Mayor
for one corner of light i can point
to and wish a blessing and prayer
“not the new generation pass away
without living in their community
and nation
where the title ‘Honorable’
may truly be placed
before the name of all politicians
again to be
truly the ‘servants’ of the people.