W. Mark Felt wrangles Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan laugh: tickled pink cause the scam’s working
30 years after the fact Pat calls Deep Throat a criminal
i’m laughing from my belly haha hehehehe glommers!
how’s about that Rather Rumsfield ruse
cooked up on their joint owned New Mexico ranch?
whistle blowers are reporting crimes
when government secrecy is used to hide a crime
whistleblower is the only source for uncovering
when it is civil disobedience the whistleblower
like any other citizen, by law, has his/her day in court
when a crime indeed has been perpetrated
any civil disobedience is not punishable.
fruits of tickled pink’s path:
such as Kosovo:
“We have no vital interest in that blood-soaked peninsula”
Pat’s father idolized Sen. Joseph McCarthy
Columbia University’s School of Journalism Patty Pat Pat!
I know you know from their school what yellow journalism is!
Richard Nixon’s executive assistant…adviser…wrote speeches
Buchanan stuck by Nixon throughout the Watergate scandal
Federal Bureau of Investigation why W. Mark Felt at 91 years of age
comes out in 2005?
Look around…secrets are flying
blessed be the information highway!