“War too important to be left to the generals – Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer
Charles Kraut hammer writes
“I-know-better generals are back.”
and names the flicks:
Doctor Strange Love
and Seven Days in May
as examples.
It was Eisenhower, ex-general president
who planned the Bay of Pigs
and Kennedy who stopped a nuclear war.
The I-know-better generals are back?
Have you not noticed Charles, those
anti-war generals all experienced war?
You ask, “Why did they wait until they retired?”
while you were in college instead of the military
i guess you never learned
ALL enlisted military are bound by oath
not to speak out against their government
UNTIL they are retired.
Kraut hammer further writes
“It pleases the anti-war types”
Does he mean Jesus types?
Of course not!
Mr. Charles is the very one that
coined and developed “The Reagan Doctrine”
C. K. claims the anti-war left will one day regret
applauding those I-know-better generals.
Have you not noticed Kraut hammer
today’s anti-war is not left or right and
consists of 67% of we the people and growing
NeoCons came in to power knowingly dividing
50 – 50 we the people over religious issues
but we the people are growing less divided
over this Unholy war AND
our foreign policy blowback.
Do not bother, Mr. Charles Krauthammer
adding my name on the Round Up Dissenter’s list
I’m already there.
Not here in the US of A you think?
We all know and please do not forget
before Hitler rounded up the Jews
he rounded up the dissenters.