We Came Back As Your Grandchildren


see how we paint and pierce our bodies?
Custer came back as and Indian does it
make anyone’s blood boil and would that be
the red man’s or the white man’s blood boiling?
what if we bonk someone and the person we bonked
will carry with him the right to bonk the bonker when he reincarnates
like a movie stuck on rerun
the only way off is to stop bonking
those who are rattlers and shakers
drummers and myth makers
understand all hoops have been broken
i’m ok if yer ok
now our circle widens
even as it heals
with no shame throw the first rock
with no sorrow stand up and cheer
my loss is heavy with me
my love says letting go
is what we do with flowers and stars
when the world turns…
but i’m dreaming
waiting for someone to say
“We are all illegal immigrants!”