What Is Our Military’s Required Oathing?

She was a weekend warrior
Missouri National Guard
easy money for the over indebted
took me there too almost my son
thought to refuse to sign responsibility papers
for his then 16 year old sister
before he or i decided
i had to lam from alcoholism
more than a thousand miles
and the choice was double mute
remembering Beautiful Ohio
becoming deadly National Guard

retired i hope now my friend
easy became sand storms and killing
10 years post Kent State

my weekend warrior friend
put me in an awkward position
in the presence of a Guard member
who, when i expressed my awkwardness,
by stating “the National Guard is Kent State”
told me they changed their policy
with their oath including
to disobey any order they deem immoral

praying this is so
and all our military are sworn in
with full understanding of the Nuremberg’s Trials
and that “I was just following orders”
is no defense for an immoral act
not with God
nor with Man.