When Bush has killed more Americans in Iraq than Osama killed on 9/11

will every Christian admit
they secretly have always believed
the End Times would come in their lifetime
and that all Christians of All Times alike
logically believed this if they believed that
when the peoples of the Earth destroy it
they will say “God did it!”
even when some mad scientists testify
we do not have global warming
even when the earth is covered with nuclear waste
will they say “George did it!”
and if the few who somehow survive
find a poem describing how
it happened that a teacher
of how to obtain world peace
was crucified and made a God
to worship and atoned for their sins
so they could keep on keeping on sinning
even as they knelt down and worshiped
the author of those words:
‘Thou shalt not kill”
and will they remember and understand
it was the status quo they feared to lose
even as they knew the hordes were starving
How much blood does it take to keep one man
as the most powerful man in the world, Bush?
Answer: an infinite amount!