years/tears wars/shores

if i am here this is mine
fight feast fuck is over there
Dennis Ross says there was no crescendo
on the 39th day after Arafat’s death
one day before the end of 40 days mourning
40 knights and 40 thieves
Robin was a hood and Bat Man was a green
stealth bombers [email protected]
some memorial day to remember
are they all right wingers?
Cameron dear in her red dress
listen if you will
uniform code for Clavary Academy:
…shirts left in or tucking out but must hang
no further down than the hip.
a caller to C-SPAN
“That lady needs to pull up the top of her dress
but it’s ok if you, Peter Commentator, enjoy looking.”

Lawdy yes we gotta git out of here
on the wings of a long slow dove
rescue our love love love
mother’s day is every day
as is father’s
birth and death days
yes memorial day too.
Memories only lie till they are sifted
what remains is all there is to hold
i wanna hold yer hand
neighbor think you i’m witchy causing rain on your shower,
wedding that is….
or do you see my flag display being rained on too?
ouch the end of that flight of two left wings
(every bit as flightless as two rights)
Super Woman Daughter intercepts momma’s ouches
smoothes ruffled feathers of neighbor and kin
Shilo Shanandoah: Super Man was truth and justice “May her memory, and all those cut down
by the hand of those with no soul, be a blessing for us all.”

The devil only, can claim the who, that has no soul.