Zion Conspiracy Theory?

the taboo dance
“make someone fall in love with you”?
If Mohammad is the Merciful One
why do some followers in His name
chop off heads and torture?
If Jesus is the Prince of Peace
why do some followers in His name
blow bodies apart with cluster bombs?
If G_d is the creator of all as equal
why do some followers set themselves above others
as “teachers” of the whole wolrd and as “the chosen”.
Maybe not, a Zion conspiracy,
maybe neither is al Qaeda.
Maybe it was a dream Abraham had
to sacrifice his son to God.
Absolute power may corrupt absolutely,
but it is man who absolutely corrupted the divine,
corrupted that which is sacred.
Highly enriched uranium? Anyone can
put it in their pocket, save it for a rainy day..
The ultimate humanity test:
There can be no question, we each have the power
to love or kill, the ultimate test is –
Will that part of our reptile brain (still part of the human brain)
be the final controller over our actions,
or will the human part of our brain (compassion e.g.)
win world peace thru non violent conflict resolution?