18 Days and Counting Down

good night they stroke a bargain
give us 8 good years of tax breaks
we’ll give them debt unto their grandchildren
think George Bush will ever want an abortion?
think Chenney’s upper left lift will ever come down?
it’s not that Dems have not had sexual scandals
it’s that the Reps claimed the higher moral ground
as we spin to and fro
Dems this year Reps that year
Corporate America continues to grow
everybody maxed out their plastic yet?
refinanced homes with flex interest?
home home on the street
where cameras stare and lights glare
into the dawns early light
oh say can you see
what might have been
if America and me
and you had not rationalized
that first immoral act
or confessed it away with no restitution
or “we are born again
so anything we do is not immoral”
come on righties you can do it
one random act of kindness every day
find a job that has some socially redeeming value
the chasm is deed but the bridge is wide
good night Keith, and good luck!