Election Countdown 2006

19 Days and Counting…

Clinton and Foley immoral
according to “Christian” standards
throwing a wrench in the engine
that demonizes gays
who are
the Republican Log Cabin Gays?
who cares
Chenney et all sinister grins
(check out Rove’s high school pic)
if the devil don’t get you first
the lies will
Where of where are our Johns?
Dead And Buried in Their Graves
but their spirit lingers on…
“It is not who killed me,
it’s WHY?”
wHat was JFK known to be going to do?
“Change US Foreign Policy”
The question is also:
“Who gained and Who lost?”
Only one issue is paramount
in this count down election,
“Who will debate foreign policy?”
Turn off the TV and talk to your neighbor
visit, telephone, fax, email, blog,
and remember the fish in the cubicle
and the freedom that comes from the song:
“Imagine we ain’t gonna take it any more.”