“Shut the crap up.”

3 p.m. in Georgia, hot and humid
3 a.m. in Nuevo Mexico
i set my coffee down, leave the room
when my most available friend cries
“it’s spilled all over the place!”
it ran down the rocker turning red
more innocent blood
another crazed working mother
Congress spends another $460 billion
for Pentagonal warfare
and momma works double time
while down in the deep south
Christians chant to her ovaries
“be all you can be”
two more little lights go out in Georgia
one more momma crazed
(but don’t move to Baltimore
their babies are coming out with asthma)
pausing, i light two candles,
pausing again i light a third
for the momma who can’t imagine life
waking up this morning
with two dead children there oughta be
a hush all over America
and coffee spilled
black like oil.

What happens when a tiny light goes out?

you die George /w Bunker and Osama /w Cave
each little light lost deminishes us the more
when we are snuffers of any light indicating life
we become less human than our best intentions
9/11 was a wake-up call for Americans
set aside Bush and bin Laden’s lethal logic
it requires of a great republic democracy
to admit to past and present mistakes
elevated consciousness
(otherwise known as enlightenment)
is what we gain with truth
America was in it’s infancy when we allowed slavery
and we have mostly (not totally) corrected this mistake
Colonizing has a long history of brutality
and is not disconnected from Osama bin Laden’s complaint
The nightmare of our founding fathers
of king and empire is in our face today.
The whole world Is watching.
The Osamas of the world today have one weakness
and it is their human atrocities and degregation of women and
like all abusive behavior, prefers to be hid in a closet
or some corner of creation…one does not change behavior
by killing hordes to give the survivors freedom
one shames them by making it public for the world to see.
Bushs (and Dicks) of the world today have many weaknesses
the deadliest one being not to admit to any wrong doing.
Ike’s first impulse was right
the military/industrial/congressional complex
is powerful…behold…
last night in the House of Representatives the verbal bombastings
were more about how their seats were bought, than spyware
with a few exceptions, most notible to me was
Rep. Anna Eshoo, Half Moon Bay, CA
who spoke as eloquently as Ben Franklin when he said,
“They that can give up essential liberty
to obtain a little temporary safety,
deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
In World War I we were told
“this was a war to end all wars.”
We were told the same in World War II.
Today we are asked to give up a BIG lot of liberty
for what looks like to the rest of the world
Perpetual War.

What happens when a big light goes out?
Same thing as when a little light goes out.
We die.

Ike’s Military-Industrial Complex Nightmare

Even Eisenhower never would have dreamed
the military would be security for contractors
dolling out dollars smack in the middle
of a Civil War in Iraq
build ’em up
bomb ’em down
build ’em up again
well yeah, Ike was an old man
then retiring and seeing more clearly
and who remembers
in the writing of Ike’s farewell speech
he wanted to be quoting as saying
“Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex”
a few congressmen of course
did not want the “body” of congress indited
and yes we know there was/are corrupt members
and no, not all…
but how are we the voters able to discern who is what
with so many tongues snake oil and forked?
motivation and follow the money.

In the beginning was the Combustible Engine
In the middle was addiction to oil
the Russians planted their flag on the North Pole
What oil contractor did not salivate?
What American felt resentment
over Russia’s claim to the oil under the North Pole?

i am weary now so i read a weary poem
by a Master Poet, Ward Kelley
look if you dare!
to the back side of colonizers


Jed Babbin’s “In the Words of Our Enemies” and Michael Beschloss’ “Presidential Courage”

i hope you included the words of Osama bin Laden
when he told us 9/11 was about our military on Saudi soil
and our partisan supporting of Israel
we are like a bad marriage
the left and the right
sometimes never seeing before the divorce
there is always a grain of truth on both sides
or maybe you have said about JFK
that he inherited the Bay of Pigs from Ike
which caused the missile stand off
and that you mention Eisenhower’s
“military-industrial complex”
Osama chose to hit our military (pentagon)
and industrial (twin trade towers)
on 9/11 (our emergency code)
and yes, terrorists who would blow themselves up are scary
and no, there has not been another attack since 9/11
on the other side of this coin
are a lot of weeping children, parents, grand parents
and great grand parents…
in America, in Iraq, in Afghanistan
to mention only three…

(let Jed and Michael sort this out)