“When kicked in the rear by an opponent, you know you are in front.”

doesn’t matter then, why one is kicked
even less, in front of what?
all avowing “No new taxes!”
Heard that declaration before?
“Right to bear arms a ‘family tradition.” – McCain
Good for the rest of the country but not for D.C.
Top 3 priorities for cutting taxes:
“Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.” – Thompson

Which debates have been polled
to be more interesting:
When the media asks the questions
or when the public asks?
What moderator holds the firmest
time limitations? Anderson Cooper,
thus far.
Which moderator
gives equal time to all contenders?
Thus far, none.
Don’t tell us who the top dogs are,
we already know it is those
with the largest war chest, and
most advertising dollars.
Equal is equal
until the first primaries.
What candidate would overstep
time limits if, when used up
he might be shut up
before the final question?