Hesse’s Dog

Rascal, Sadie and Sandy
now gone, dead and gone
all victims of suburbia
and one bully boy
but poor Hesse’s dog
now free to roam
without a name
home alone
none of his neighbors know his name
so lonesome he yet howls
“Hesse won’t you please come home?”
He howls not for food
the neighbors throw him scraps
He howls not for water
water crashes from the sky
It is a mournful howl
his family all up and gone away
and no one knows his name.
Where the shame of holy stains?
Where the politics of life?
December rains heavily upon my roof
“Dog, are you sheltered,
perhaps under a tired old car?
What will stop the rain, this heavy rain?
Have more patience little zephyr
have faith and trust in Mother Nature
perhaps this is only a rinse cycle
perhaps father Sun is only sleeping
the hours are few till He is due
to rise again, so shine again
till ittsy bittsy Charlotte
will up the spout again.