Imus In the Morning


No, Al Sharpton. Imus suing MSNBC
for breach of contract does not prove
Imus was un-contrite. His contract was breached(.)
Imus suffered the loss of being on main stream media
for for six months. He apologized to the women
who claimed to be offended after it was brought to their attention.
They and their coach accepted his apology, and further
the coach didn’t want to see him fired.
Al Sharpton wanted to see Imus fired
and he got his wishes.
Al’s actions were appropriate
any time one feels offended by a comment on mass media
they have the right to protest the advertisers – proving
democracy works – protest and free speech lives
at least in this instance.
Sharpton, as a Christian, says he forgives him,
but doesn’t believe Imus has suffered enough.
When will we hear Al Sharpton apologize
for any thing he has said on mass media?
And here’s to you Kim Candy:
Anyone who is anti-Hillary
IS NOT making a sexist statement.
Also, Candy, I took your statement,
“Don Imus is to old to know anything about Rap lyrics.”
as a racist statement against the elderly.
I am a septuagenarian and know something about Rap.
I am also a female anti-Hillary.