Compassion in Hell


don’t remember the details how i arrived
or how long ago, only that i seemed to be the only one
believing i would get out if i found someone in authority
who would help me make a phone call to a friend or relative
that would pick me up
so many people moving about
all afraid or unwilling to talk to me
the only bathroom i found was a short spiral
to a small hole in the floor, no door, i squatted
hearing someone coming, the inner wall was close enough
i reached out my arm, waved my hand, said “taken”
it was a young man, i expected rape, and said,
“would you rape a grandmother?
someone might rape your grandmother”
now we were standing at the entrance
his friend came along and said “com’on, man”
i continued my search, still believing…
what i found was a huge/high fenced-in enclosure
adjacent to a hospital, i remembered
that was where my hell started

one with compassion in a tan jump suit
told me to follow him and i did
believing he was a kind of trustee
we arrived at a partly boarded area with a horizontal crack
large enough to crawl threw which i did
with a sense of urgency
this area was less crowded
he led me to his car, i got in the back seat
believing he was going to drive me somewhere
where i could get help, but he got out of the car
and walked away, i walked toward a small group
one man was smoking a filtered cigarette
have no idea how long since i’d had one
asked if he had a spare, no answer
asked another one if he had any cigarettes
he handed me an open carton, i asked
if he had a light as i reached into the box
what i found was a couple of dried bread sticks
and a handful of rice and instantly realized
the only difference of here from there
here was some food, i wasn’t that hungry
yet moving around more i discovered
we are still behind the huge/high fence

don’t remember how i got home
sitting on my bed
a cool summer breeze coming in my window
somewhere around midnight
but do remember my first thought…
this is what my world is coming to
soothing my cheeks and soothing my hair
into knowing the need to change
to a simpler life
for a beginning
and the need to write my story

Prohibition I and II: Alcohol and Cannabis


the main thing new/different…

the Lies:

Reefer Madness
Go Ask Alice
change the name
from cannabis to marijuana et al

Al Smith it was not true
you lost the election because you were Catholic
like they told us back when.

“I told some,
you tell the rest.”

Please Mr. President
et al politicians in power,
do not
make us suffer prohibition etc..
How many martyrs does it take
before you get right up
and make it right

Lady Liberty Sighs

o son o daughter
you can have peace
with your mother AND father
even knowing no peace between them
(it never was about you)
it was the impossibility of possession,
improbability of concession of equality,
and every path to home individuation
if grandparents do not become children
surely great grand parenting
will make it so

o right wingers o left wingers
always question why before US birds
do or die – noone can fly with only one wing

Senator What’s Your Name!
In the name of Holy Children
never never never again place a teenage boy
next to your as your give your
concession speech!

over and out, roger

foreign aid equals military weapons

and we don’t call it puppy love
foreign aid equals military/industrial
we, taxpayers money, is give to countries
to buy our war weapons
it’s not the people that matter
Israel leaders and Iranian leaders know
suicide is taking the first shot
their deadly game is
every now and then
rattle the nuclear weapon sabre
when crowds of protesters gather

fool me all my life
shame on you!
do nothing about it
shame on me!

un titled


break is
only good making
the strong
lovers some were trustworthy and kind
some were only looking to move in
somebody else’s home, none of
them do i end up living with
the rest of my life, sure it’s
ok, i’m no picnic nor were
they – two lasted over a
decade, 3 perhaps, 20
minutes. would i do it
all over again?
i would not
give up

no it’s just a stupid poem in the almost shape of a bird. what kind of creature would create a creature world that would keep repeating the same mistakes. oh yeah. that is what we do…until we don’t.

Shame Upon Barbara Bush

Remember these words of yours Barbara?
“Because of Robin, George and I love every lining human more.”
Being a fellow matron I understand, with grown children
we can only suggest…

Matron to matron I suggest to you you suggest to son George:

READ “Hiroshima” by John Hersey in 1946
(originally published in The New Yorker)

The nuclear weapons race of the “Cold War”
(cold for some but hot for others)
prevented the use of this most deadly WMD
from being used (at least ones that killed over 100,000
at one blow) until this very March day of 2006.

Now that your son George has proclaimed,
“Nothing is off the table in fighting ‘terrorists’.”
we are once again under the threat of a nuclear explosion
in our homeland and

Now is a good time for George to read the individual
accounts of the citizens of Hiroshima
that fateful day of August 6, 1945…
there you will find REAL shock and awe.

A must read for your Evangelical son
who believes “Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you.”

He thus needs to learn first hand
from those that know, experienced and remembered,
the day hell’s fire dropped on their city
before making that fatal choice
of using nuclear weapons that mutate cells
at their nuclear level – to mention only the after affects.

Buy the book, buy two books,
give one to Laura, or four,
teach your children well.

all it takes is a cut/paste click click

Anti Mother’s Day

on this, my 77th birthday
i received this mother’s day/birthday message,
“do anything you want and have fun”

ok first
i don’t like the guilt attached
to mother’s day or any other day
we’re cultured in to “celebrate”
with gifts that never feel “enough”
but most of all and all the rest

i have the wonderful acquaintance
of many many wonderful humans
childless, by blood, but
have done, often,
more mothering than many mothers who
for whatever reason
were unable to nurture enough
for the health and well being of their children

yeah, for sure and why not
dream a day with more light, like…

Happy Mothering Day

Mrs. Samuel A. Alito

here’s what i fear you are
a mirror image of suburbia 1950’s
do you sign your children’s grade cards
Mrs. Samuel A. Alito?
your checks and your balances
by association you see you as he
his victories are your victories
the good woman behind any great man
was that the source of your tears that
anyone dares doubt his greatness

your name’s not Mary
your name is Martha
Martha loved Sam long ago
once a young lad, hands full of roses
now no rose for you nohow
he’s one of the good ol’ boys
your place upon the cinders

i cry for you poor woman
having been there done that

it made me smile tonight


whisping smoke
from my daughter’s wood burning stove

miniature lemon tree and jasmine plant
taking turns aromating my room

an Adam’s Family show not previously seen
being evicted from their home

“Every dog’s a lucky dog at Aaron’s” (?)

btw, I’m Prince Edy now
i’m off to play.

no longer angry raise my voice
that was near the end
in the middle and from birth
it was branded
“keep your mouth shut”
no blame
it was in those unconscious days
though, they say,
atonement still is mine
(and yours when you ‘get’ it)

ha ha you say,
not much play.

when it’s old and gray
one does, if not before,
listening to the self
sure tis easier
in times for being alone
may i say should
you (i) find your
interior gut heat rising
before it bursts out your mouth
listen to yourself
if it feels like a chattering monkey
tell your self to slow down
or see how fast to write it down
yes i’ve gone too far

may i be excused?
she’s headed back to smiling

God, According To Matthew

G – Now let’s see if I got this right…
You had to sign a legal document where you swear
to ‘love for better or worse till death do you part’
and no matter how vile mean ugly or destructive
either party is you are legally bound to ‘love’,
and the only release from this torture is death,
or a living death where wife/or sometimes husband
surrenders their will to the other?

M – But I was only following and teaching
your holy book the Bible. I was able to subjugate Mary
for the public but my subjugation of her in our home
destroyed those loving feelings that brought us together
and neither got no satisfaction. Oh, Sundays were grand
but the thanks and praises walked out the door
when my sermon was over and hand shakes ended.

G – Come on in Matthew you were also a victim,
as was Mary, of all the false prophets for profit,
who took unto themselves All Mighty Powers.
Come sit down beside me, let us now observe
what they will do to Mary – how can they not know
when all hope is gone there are two options
suicide and/or murder – neither of which rises
our of jealousy, but desperation.

M – And who in the world is not feeling despair now?

G – I’ll tell you who – those who sacrifice their mind and will
and psyche themselves into raptures on earth – that only
masters of Satan can give. I’ve told them, between
God and Devil, it is only the devil that can lie.

But there is hope Matthew. When at first one lies,
the need arises to cover one lie with another lie,
it becomes a way of life like cheating does once
one crosses that line with trumped-up rationality;
cheating and lying, of necessity, becomes a duet,
a double bind so to say – a house of cards where out
comes only with collapse.

But you are here and they are there and you
are now in the company of all the victims
of liars and cheaters of all denominations,
all of whom are in another place…
back in school so to say with no cheat sheets.

Here, Matthew, as a victim you’ve earned your wings,
the halo comes later if you wish to try next time to
nourish instead of surrender those gifts each and every
child is born with: a curious mind and free will.

Good night, and good luck.