300 “Militants” Killed in Iraq Yesterday

what, not “combatants or insurgents”?
7 Americans also killed
are they not “militants” too?
OK then
307 militants death toll
added to 3 yrs 10 months of stay the course
my friend says i’m all doom gloom
i say there, it is our very DNA affected
when sperm and ovum reside in residence
their carrier insipidly responding to fear
(another black hawk helicopter down)
How many times will they force our children
to hide under their school desks before we chase
those fox out of our hen house?
“Iraq is seeking yellow cakes from Niger,”
Bush lowers his voice as if reading
some horror story.
Does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad do Bush bidding
rattling Nuclear Sabers at Bush Nuclear Sabers?
Will their be a civil war in Iran?
the 64 million dollar questions?
How many countries currently are fighting a civil war?
Will this Second Civil War in America be bloodless
as our founders planned?
If we nucleate the birthplace (sometimes called Eden)
to insure the ownership of the birthplace and “holy places”
of the Three major Monotheistic Religions
will they laugh again at the multitude of death and destruction?
God/Devil Devil/God Dog/Lived when we humans love our children
more than we hate our enemies
we will learn to love our enemies, at least enough
to be the good neighbor and do unto them
as we would have done unto us(.)