Israel, US, Hezbollah and Cluster Bombs

Israel has said it only deploys cluster bombs in accordance with international law-
but what about American law that governed their sales to Israel?

“Arms Export Control Act, Tittle 22, Sub Chapter 1, Section: 2754:
Defense articles and defense services shall be sold or leased by the United States
Government under this chapter to friendly countries solely for internal security.”

David Siegel, of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, on its use of cluster munitions
“To halt Hezbollah’s unprovoked rocket attacks against our civilian population centers.”

Let us have the whole truth David Siegal (the whole world was watching)
Israel filed the FIRST rockets into Lebanon! The Israeli/Lebanon war started over
two Israeli soldiers being taken as hostages and Israel came down with the
vengence of a God – destroying infrastructure and 1,000’s of Lebanese lives,
and a few Israeli lives.

“In November 2006 , a new international law came into force requiring countries to
undertake or facilitate clearance of explosive remnants of war and to provide
information on location of explosive remnants of war in order to make this
clearance possible, but the law includes no specific obligations on cluster
munitions, which are not mentioned in the text of the instrument.”

That chicken won’t pluck! Cluster munitions leave “explosive remnants”.
Not only has Israel not complied with this international law,
they still refuse to tell Lebanon where they burried land mines.