91 years after Prohibition – can it happen again?


wedge that issue tween us they did
it won the political power back then

the secret of their success?

split the divided country
we had become
grow the wedge 10% strong
and they will have their sway
drug war
world war
wars of prevention
et al personal values

what do “they” want 2012?
%10 per cent tea baggers
one in every town
we got ours, you got yours?

“They would imprison Jesus
if He helped someone
have an abortion.”

William Jennings Bryan
the war between the Wets and Drys
“It will be the end of poverty!”

they keep trying…
we keep suffering…
between 2012 and then…
Roar, Twenties, Roar!

people gonna do what they gonna do
the trouble will always be
enforcing the law
when too many people just wanna be free

the rose is the same
and fair
“Drinking while driving kills.”

“Now, what ya gonna do when they come for you?”

“join us on the rails?”
poet Michael pens

on Wall Street?
or ya gonna stay in the halls of Montezuma?

“learn to ask better questions”
another poet pens”