Dear Daddy Short Legs,


i can say that, i grew taller than you
not that short or tall is more desirable
anyone besides you who hap to read this
might recall Daddy Long Legs
of which once i addressed a letter
of whom might be one of the mights
who responded with a Rumi poem
that warms me still
after all these forty something years

now that i’m closer to your home
i wish to share a spot
of my golden years

a’bed with my head towards the wall
i was watching shadows playing there
of slender trees…
a gentle breeze would have them dancing
a gush of wind –
were they at war
or was it a rock and roll frenzy?
i laughed out loud
followed by a feeling
of just plain good!
but most of all dear daddy
i’m not feeling alone when i am

your middle daughter,
Summer Breeze