Anna Nicole Smith and Al Gore

St. Anna Nicole Smith died for you fetish
for her boobs – Our lonely heart hunter
died and all the paparazzi are invited
to her funeral but
Don’t blame it on the paparazzi
blame it on the gawkers who buy the pics
hawk her story and even yes
three weeks after here death
displaying her ample boobs bobbing
39 years only the good die young?
even Jesus was 32 or 33 wasn’t he?

Well of course Al Gore resembles
mostly yuppies who fly jets and otherwise
live lavishly themselves…but the dogs are out:
“He’s human, not perfect, and we will prove it.”
How many hours passed before the “proof” was proffered?
Bill O’Reilly still talking about Al and his high electric bill
but with a softer stance. Has our Billy finally learned
before you bite a dog you look at your own electric bill, et al?

And of course Al Gore told us he was Green
when he was elected vice president, and did nothing green.
Try to remember and if you do you’ll remember
what you learned from your own mistakes
(Maybe even Bill will learn to listen to his wife when she says,
“Don’t do that on your show.” i.e. pointing fingers at guests)

And maybe TV programmers will stop making their star moneymakers
report on stories they, in good conscious, prefer not to report.
And maybe Anna is waiting to be buried until
those who helped her life be lonely…

For what ever the reasons, Anna lived and ended her life
as she did. She lived thru her pain till she died
and in Sudan tonight some baby starved to death
because her mother had no milk
and breast cancer is 99.9% a western disease.

Can’t you just feel her on cloud seven watching the show
the cloud where humor has no scarcity
I wish this for her…