un titled


break is
only good making
the strong
lovers some were trustworthy and kind
some were only looking to move in
somebody else’s home, none of
them do i end up living with
the rest of my life, sure it’s
ok, i’m no picnic nor were
they – two lasted over a
decade, 3 perhaps, 20
minutes. would i do it
all over again?
i would not
give up

no it’s just a stupid poem in the almost shape of a bird. what kind of creature would create a creature world that would keep repeating the same mistakes. oh yeah. that is what we do…until we don’t.

it made me smile tonight


whisping smoke
from my daughter’s wood burning stove

miniature lemon tree and jasmine plant
taking turns aromating my room

an Adam’s Family show not previously seen
being evicted from their home

“Every dog’s a lucky dog at Aaron’s” (?)

btw, I’m Prince Edy now
i’m off to play.

no longer angry raise my voice
that was near the end
in the middle and from birth
it was branded
“keep your mouth shut”
no blame
it was in those unconscious days
though, they say,
atonement still is mine
(and yours when you ‘get’ it)

ha ha you say,
not much play.

when it’s old and gray
one does, if not before,
listening to the self
sure tis easier
in times for being alone
may i say should
you (i) find your
interior gut heat rising
before it bursts out your mouth
listen to yourself
if it feels like a chattering monkey
tell your self to slow down
or see how fast to write it down
yes i’ve gone too far

may i be excused?
she’s headed back to smiling

God, According To Matthew

G – Now let’s see if I got this right…
You had to sign a legal document where you swear
to ‘love for better or worse till death do you part’
and no matter how vile mean ugly or destructive
either party is you are legally bound to ‘love’,
and the only release from this torture is death,
or a living death where wife/or sometimes husband
surrenders their will to the other?

M – But I was only following and teaching
your holy book the Bible. I was able to subjugate Mary
for the public but my subjugation of her in our home
destroyed those loving feelings that brought us together
and neither got no satisfaction. Oh, Sundays were grand
but the thanks and praises walked out the door
when my sermon was over and hand shakes ended.

G – Come on in Matthew you were also a victim,
as was Mary, of all the false prophets for profit,
who took unto themselves All Mighty Powers.
Come sit down beside me, let us now observe
what they will do to Mary – how can they not know
when all hope is gone there are two options
suicide and/or murder – neither of which rises
our of jealousy, but desperation.

M – And who in the world is not feeling despair now?

G – I’ll tell you who – those who sacrifice their mind and will
and psyche themselves into raptures on earth – that only
masters of Satan can give. I’ve told them, between
God and Devil, it is only the devil that can lie.

But there is hope Matthew. When at first one lies,
the need arises to cover one lie with another lie,
it becomes a way of life like cheating does once
one crosses that line with trumped-up rationality;
cheating and lying, of necessity, becomes a duet,
a double bind so to say – a house of cards where out
comes only with collapse.

But you are here and they are there and you
are now in the company of all the victims
of liars and cheaters of all denominations,
all of whom are in another place…
back in school so to say with no cheat sheets.

Here, Matthew, as a victim you’ve earned your wings,
the halo comes later if you wish to try next time to
nourish instead of surrender those gifts each and every
child is born with: a curious mind and free will.

Good night, and good luck.

Daisy Krave or I Love Tina Fey

so far away form Dixie Land
mother would not take the stand
her mother gave to her

respect is a girl’s best friend
so do not ask if you do not
want an answer

of course she does not want
anyone to be where they do not
want to be

mother was
a jolly old soul
when they let her

good night Trixie
your granddaughter tends our garden
she still is our Daisy A Day

Which came first? Peach or Fire

<..) maybe the chicken or egg has no matter or it is a secret of the Universe down back home peach pits take a lot of crackin' rain that falls and falls or as Poet Becky has poemed, "Rain, rain, rain..." or Jake who poems of the "Fire" somewhere in the late '40's mostly only men ate fire in the early '50's women found fire to their liking, then along came the baby boomers most saw the hypocrisy and made an about face... a voice said, "Know thyself." children of the turn abouts know truth when they see it and when they do not.... know when feet are firmly planted they can climb the highest mountain recognize a dream when they see one and they have just begun... hello Mr. Wall Street are you still lonely tonight? how many fires have you left in a puff? how many earthlings starved to death today? good night Irene i'm going to leave you now morning has broken bright sunny morn "go" has been spoken it's my turn to off and find the Wizard?

i’ve always been crazy but it keeps me from going insane

Bush: We will succeed in Iraq because we have to.

Michael Graham: The Rolling Stones are so normal.

Imus: Do you really believe he snorted his dad,
Keith said it was just a joke?

Michael Graham: Who knows if he did,
he’s crazy enough to do it.

Reporter: In other words, normal is crazy?
If Senator Reid represents the democratic majority
why is he not a candidate for presidency?

Tell me how does it feel Imus
to watch a comedian eat himself to death
in front of your eyes – your mouth
cursing your workers for bringing the food
“out of sight out of mind”

well i’m sitting here out of sight
smoking tobacco next to my oxygen tank
but here is my mind
when adults’ actions are crazy
and they call it normal
they’re driving our kids nuts!
well not really
they are no different than the the flower children of the ’60’s
and their protesting the Vietnam War
and in the strongest voice they could muster
“We are NOTHING like them!”

Hang on Super Mustard Man
you are not alone.

On Guard

tick tocks the days of our lives
fencing for safety of our hearts
blueberry pie or apple-pan-dowdie
we break our own hearts says Shorty
with fanciful expectations
elections whistling dixie
painted faces wiry smiles
counting down to Turkey day
who will be the pumpkin eater
who shoots off their thumb
when a simple thumb’s up will do
if we decorated Thanksgiving day
with Christmas decorations
and Halloween becomes thanks
can we save the leaves of Autumn
and let down our guard?

My Father Who Art In Heaven


did you get a plenary indulgence
for every house you built
for your growing family
who’s final number was nine?

)one for the house you built and lost
during the first Great Depression
)one for the chicken coop
you made into a home
)one for the chicken coop / garage
as number of babies grew
)one for the two story
when we reached the final number nine

ok she knocked two off
for bad behavior
he knocked off one
for good measure
now there is one
plenary indulgence
if Heaven is True

and yeah, i remember the rules
one plenary indulgence
is insurance into heaven
and yeah, i remember Catholic teachings
of … sure … you can buy a
plenary indulgence
with a little hard cash please

“the yellow green of springtime
promises potential
where the dead horse lay”

no i would not judge what’s your song
mother and father’s intention
is only a heart beat away


let’s kid ourselves

at least the butting bison
are less visible
having taken on
more culturally acceptable ways
to woo women their way

way back in the days
at least
every man’s every woman’s
sexuality was understood
and honored
i heard the elder say
“full moon and empty arms”
a fond memory of long ago

oh the flail of the flying fish
trailing a satellite close ahead
i know the man made
i want to know you
perhaps i never will

tonight, for now
i’m walking in Wonderland dreams
dreams of coming home