Christians That Do NOT Believe In Hell

you can tell
by the way they act on Earth
creating punishment for criminals (sinners)
that goes far far beyond security from the criminals’
threat to society
and NO
they do not believe even
in an after life of heaven or hell
they want their riches NOW
acting like Jesus’ kingdom was of the Earth
telling their children
“Do as I say not as I do”
for a reason…
believing their “secret sins”
are safely hidden in some closet
not in some “madam’s phone book”
as if they are not in the minds
of every human they have hurt
and when their belly aches for war
to get the “infidels” to march lock step with their religion
and call it “spreading democracy”
the “fuzzy feel good about ourselves”
that has been used by every president since Nixon
fulfilling Truman’s dreams of expansion into empire
Look! Dick and Jane.
All the wanna be emperors’ children
are losing their clothing too!