NAFTA equals Immigration Problem

the problem is Not
those of us and them that hire them
the “immigration problem” ballooned in the 1990’s
AFTER the signing of NAFTA IN 1992(.)
of course it is an emotional issue Doris Meissner,
INS Commissioner 1993-2000,
American families are losing their jobs
Mexican families can not support their families
and risk their lives to cross our borders
now mostly our deadly desert borders
of workers, American or Mexican,
they all lose
and the winners are?
Republican and Democrat Politicians
who sell themselves to the Money God
otherwise known as Satan
Redemption is near!
Cindy Sheehan resigns.
The Democrats have failed her.
The Congress and the President has failed US.
the “immigration problem”
is not about
who rents to aliens
who hires aliens
who pays for their health care
or if they have a driver’s licenses
the problem is