Does CNN have any news editors?

“saying the United States should “take him out”

no Associated Press, the fire word was “assassination”
where are the CNN editors? or are you just fer show?

“Chavez accuses his political foes, including business
and labor groups, of trying to force him from office
by any means possible.”

thank the Associated Press for that gem
THE reason Hugo Chavez has 65% population support
is BECAUSE he is for the working poor and the unemployed

at least give us a choir
let the wealthy Cuban voices in Florida
sing along with the wealthy voices of Venezuelans
(especially those who already left expecting US violence)
“Castro and Hugo bad bad bad!”
“Meaner than a junk yard dog!”
junk yard dogs get that way
from grown up bullies taking pot shots at them.

15% of American oil from Venezuela?
Prairie Chapel Road
Prays for US lack of nobility.