Rubbing Dubya: Sheen, Sharpton and Sheehan

“Bush has said he appreciates Sheehan’s right to protest
and sympathizes with her, but his aides have said there
are no plans to change his schedule to meet with her.” – CNN

aside: “I get the good lines, you peons get the bad.”

It was Sunday down Prairie Chapel Road
Martin Sheen, the president we all could embrace
meet with Cindy Sheehan as did Rev. Al Sharpton
honoring the fallen dead what can poor Dubya do
he has not the nobility to clarify his “noble cause”.

As August slips away into September
The Burning Bush body count grows
(he only counts American dead)
Reporters: 37
Contractors: 94
Afghanistan troops: 288
Iraq troops: 1,873
Total Bush body count: 2,302
Total body parts: un reported
Coalition troop deaths: un counted
as Oil for Food turns into Oil for Blood.