Does foreign policy belong only to the president?

Pelosi goes to Syria.
McCain, Pence – go to Iraq.

And who among us trashes Pelosi
for opening dialog with Syria
and praises McCain and Pence
for telling us shopping in Baghdad
is like shopping in Indiana.

Robert Gates: In Iraq it is
sectarian violence not ethnic cleansing.

It is both Mr. Gates! Just like it is both
a civil war and a war of vengeance.

Conehead Walmart thinking
if they monitor all communication
between employees and inspectors
they will keep Walmart shoppers from knowing
their cheap cheap cheap EVERYTHING
is produced by cheap, cheep…mostly child

Yes I am MAD!
Mad as a Hatter in River’s woods.
It’s getting harder to hold on
after professing to be
every grandchild’s grandmother…

Where the hell are you tobacco?
Ok, found, hiding behind the candle
hiding behind the water
hiding behind my pen
then coffee cup.

The blessings of great grandmother hood is
babies full of giggles.
The curse is getting to close to the edge
of hearing/seeing/feeling
all their collective pain —
the Abyss of Hell
and the Bliss of the Divine
having learned
the permanence on either ledge
immobilizes the brain
the body
the spirit
to get up and function!

Play it again Sam!

“Listen to the children what they say…”