Poor Ol’ Kaliga


on 9/11 Rumsfield had an Iraq attack

on April 5 Sgt. John Bruhs of VoteVets.org
gives C-SPAN viewers a Truth attack

the head of the spear is pointed at Iraq
it is covered in rusht
it was not sent from God,
and it is NOT American Foreign policy
that is so hated it is the Policy
carried out in secret by our government
Secret Government
got it?
it is not whether our media is “left” or “right”
it is what they do that counts
4 years they were cheer leaders of this war
for 1 year they have not
in spite of advertising dollars
and Murdock’s dollars
Poor Ol’ Kaliga’s drive for super power
mistook the robe for the Man
mistook the pen for the Rod

Sgt. John Bruhns reminds us
of Bush’s opening volley with all the pomp
and circumstance of inauguration
“I will not pass Saddam on to the next watch.”
like…Cheney wrote Rumsfield’s speech for Bush.

Sgt. John Bruhns informs us
of the circumstances in Iraq…
Creating well armed tribes
and “well trained Iraqi military” with
one week training and handing out the guns.

Poor Ol’ Kaliga, never really kissed.

Even Pope John Paul II may have attoned
for the chemicals he sold Hitler
when John was just a young Polish man
by proclaiming that the Catholic Church
teachings could allow for the science of evolution.

When God destroyed himself and created the Big Bang
and every partical contained the essence of
his’en or her’en self
and some of those particals grew into
the caution of never taking an oathe, followed by
military, marriage etcetra oaths
and some of those particals grew into
oath takers who would understand/or come to understand
and oath is for a LIFETIME and freedom lies within
the necessity of breaking a taken oath i.e.
when boots are on the ground/or
when ensuing particals became truthseekers
revealing false hearted daytime heros’
in duplicity of words
leave with a Big Bang
knocking down doors, invading private homes,
first it was the Iraqi’s doors
then it was their own.

David Gergen. Do you really want the American people
to give Bush “just 6 more months”?

When Saddam said there would be a Blood Bath
if Bush invaded Iraq in 48 hours
he did not mean a blood bath of US troops.
Did Cheney have an Iraq attack too?