Each Death A Loss : Each Innocent Death a Disaster

Every 3 minutes someone is dying in Iraq
US trillion dollars monies worth is buying
the Lady flees to England reuniting
Pussy Cat with Owl as
one by one we build our fantasy
choosing insanity or plain crazy
meanwhile God’s Learning Channel teaching
“How to live with your fears, you can,
cause God is on your side.”

“What will you do with your extra hour,
when we turn back time?” CNN Quick Vote asks.
“Give it back in the fall,” Abby replies…

Oliver North and the Tet Offensive defense
a countries natural reaction to invasion
by foreign colonialists
who are known to settle for 1/2 a country
(re North and South Korea,
East and West Germany)

“O Abby Right the 20 Iraqis who died
in that stolen hour – butterflies now all dead
and gone another little piece of our human heart.”